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Posted on 02-06-2013

The Mid Market Conference in New York City

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New York will be the scenario for the next Mid Market Summit that will present the most successful executives in the nation whose potential of growth in the next five years have excelled expectations among industry leaders. Our conference will provide a round up of ideas representative of this great path among business leaders and companies that generate revenue of more than 50 million dollars a year.

Our one day conference in New York City will include industry experts, CEO’s, marketing executives, technology experts, public figures, retail experts, branding consultants and financial advisors.

Why the Mid Market Businesses?

In recent years, the Mid Market Business Sector has survived several years of recession and adjusted to financial hardships witnessed after 2008. Studies show that this field is often underappreciated. Nonetheless, the potential to create jobs in a tough economy and the statistics show these companies adjust well to the challenges of modern times.

For ethnic businesses, the capacity to integrate overseas firms and production of services and manufacturing in the United States continues to grow. Witnessing a pattern of growth among executives of other ethnicities and the proliferation of mid-size companies that employ more than 500 (I just put in a number but you can change it), the business community is looking at these companies with in-depth precision.

The Mid Market Industry employs 24.6 million people and produces 6.1 trillion dollars a year, 40% of the National GDP. It is the underappreciated engine of the U.S. economy. Its job creation and potential to become a part of the 1,000 Fortune Companies triggers interest among industry insiders and C-Suite executives.

Why New York City?

The hub of the Financial World, New York City is the place to invite high-level executives from around the nation to come and exchange ideas. The ethnic market is also a big factor when it comes to research and debating the hot topics plus current trends in the market. It is also a highly cultural place where sponsors can achieve their goals regarding branding and opportunity of education among peers in the field.

Our guests will enjoy a great one day conference while visiting one of the best cities in the world. Here they can see at first glance what the ...
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