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National News
Posted on 02-07-2013

10 Top Cities to Work and Live In

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Several decades ago, the greatest cities to work in the United States were obvious, classic choices – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or Detroit. Times, however, have changed rapidly and mercilessly. After the collapse of the banking system, the demise of print media, and the bankruptcy of Motor City, these places are vulnerable to the lure of more modern cities.

The tech revolution made San Francisco and Silicon Valley the hottest places to live and work, and as these companies expanded, states with lots of cheap real estate and low corporate taxes came into favor, as crowded urban environments fell out. A top ten list of America’s best cities to work in – in no particular order – demonstrates how the changing trends of business have reshaped the definition of the ideal city for work and play.

1. Austin, Texas

Austin, the capital of Texas, is the self-proclaimed live-music capital of the world, a surprisingly liberal college city considered the Fertile Crescent of established tech companies – such as IBM, AMD and Intel – as well as an incubator for fledgling startups. In addition, the city’s housing costs, while higher than other cities in Texas, are quite reasonable compared to the rest of the United States.
2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee was once known as the city of beer with its extensive brewing and manufacturing industries, but in recent years the city has attracted major corporations, such as Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls and Kohl’s. In addition, the city boasts one of the most well-preserved historical centers in America, and is situated on the coast of picturesque Lake Michigan.

3. Seattle, Washington

Often considered the cheaper and rainier version of San Francisco, Seattle is a mecca for top talent in multiple industries, and is home to top brands ...
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